Representing the Unrepresentable

How can those denied political representation in the global order (refugees, migrants, workers) find representation in the artistic sphere? What is at stake? What are the dangers and the promises? This presentation will address this and related questions while considering the politics of mobility in Europe, with special consideration of ports and maritime passage, as engaged by recent artistic practice.


T.J. Demos

T.J. Demos is a critic and Reader in the Department of Art History, University College London. He writes widely about modern and contemporary art, and is the author of The Exiles of Marcel Duchamp (MIT Press, 2007). Demos was recently the co-curator of “Uneven Geographies: Art and Globalisation,” at Nottingham Contemporary in May-June 2010, and was curator and director of the research-exhibition project Zones of Conflict: Rethinking Contemporary Art during Global Crisis in 2008-09. He is presently completing a new book, entitled Migrations: Contemporary Art and the Politics of Globalization.