Increasingly connected to the international art world, the contemporary art scene in the Middle East lacks a certain regional cohesion. The new online publication ArtTerritories is dedicated to peer interviews among artists, curators and writers within and around the Middle East, providing a platform to articulate and exchange ideas in art. Co-founders Shuruq Harb and Ursula Biemann endorse a more routed art discourse, particularly at the time when new art institutions are implanted all around the region. Operating in virtual and physical terrains, ArtTerritories understands writing as a first instance of articulation, which can set in motion local interventions in urban and public spheres and contribute to the gradual definition of a more coherent discursive framework.


Shuruq A.M. Harb

Shuruq A. M. Harb is a Palestinian artist based in Ramallah. She has a philosophy degree from Earlham College (US) and a Masters in Photographic Studies from Westminster University. Working with text and photography, her artistic practice deals with issues around writing, language and image. She is currently working on a limited edition artist ‘s book which documents portraits found on storefronts in Ramallah. Her most recent works “A Book of Signatures” was show at Ikon Gallery, and “Wiki City” at Future Movements-City States at Liverpool Biennial, 2010. She is the co-founder of ArtTerritories.